Weekly Menu and Schedule

Menu subject to change on a whim or if we run out. Be sure to like us on  Facebook and follow us on  Twitter for any daily specials!

 Porchetta Sandwich – Tender Pasture Raised Pork butt wrapped with pork belly and layered with fresh herbs and orange slices. Served on a Brioche Bun and  topped with  apple mustard aioli. $8
Royale with Cheddar Cheese – Grass Fed Ground Beef Cheeseburger with choice of ketchup, chipotle lime ketchup, pickles, mustard, mayo, greens and onions. $7
Pork Tacos – Pasture raised pork slow cooked and served on your choice of corn or flour tortilla and topped with Pico de Gallo or Tomatillo salsa – 2/$6 or  3/$8
White Bean and Basil Burger -
White beans and fresh basil combined to make a tasty meatless option. Served on a whole wheat bun with herbed Aioli. $7
Falafel Pita
– Our nearly famous falafel served in a pita with choice of Hummus or Cucumber sauce or – better yet, BOTH!$6
The Nate – Kid’s Grilled Cheese $3
Big Kid’s Grilled Cheese – Manderfields Sourdough Bread with White Cheddar Cheese  $6
White Potato Fries – Sprinkled with Red Barn Shredded Cheddar Cheese. $4
Red Barn Milk – 2% and Chocolate – $1.75

Flavor 8 Glass Bottled Soda – we offer a variety of flavors daily…all are sweetened with sugar. No high fructose corn syrup used. – Get it while you can. Flavor8 has regretfully closed their doors.

NOTE – We may have other items always available on our menu. We are always trying new and exciting dishes so please give us a call if you have any questions. We post menu and locations daily on Facebook and Twitter so it’s good to follow us there for the most current information.
We would like to be able to visit the business park areas for lunch. If your place of business would like to have the Kangaroostaurant come to serve lunch please email us at info@kangaroostaurant.com or call 920-277-8173. We can tailor menus to location depending on interest. Give us a call and we’ll talk!

Schedule Week of September 8th
Monday – Closed
Dinner – closed
Tuesday –  Lunch 11am – 1:30pm – College Avenue – Appleton
Dinner – Erb Park – Appleton
Wednesday – Lunch – 11 am – 1:30pm –
Dinner 3:30pm-7:30pm –  Downtown Appleton Midweek Farm Market at Houdini Plaza. The season of plenty is here! Support your local farmer and farm market  ~ Join us for dinner and a night of outdoor marketing!!!
Thursday – lunch – 11 am – 1:30 – Oshkosh  – Opera House Square
Dinner – closed for private event

 Friday – Lunch – College Avenue – Appleton
Saturday – Closed for private event
Sunday - Closed 


70 Responses to Weekly Menu and Schedule

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  3. debbie griesbach says:

    thanks for the update loving it

  4. matty says:

    A minor, personal gripe about the mushroom bean burger pic. Avocados are divine… so, if they are on the burger in the picture, they will inspire in your future customer a desire so great, so personal and passionate, that it can only result in deep sorrow and desperation when those avocados don’t actually show up on the burger. Maybe they are normally there and my experience was a one-day thing, but if not, you might want to reconsider your somewhat “bait and switch-y” promotional pic. :)

    • Matty, Sorry you were dissappointed by the missing avocado. We use local produce whenever it is available and we now are putting a slice of fresh tomato on our black bean burgers. As soon as we get a picture with the tomato slice, we will update! Thanks for the feedback.

      • Ann says:

        Hi. I agree with Matty. Any progress on getting that photo updated? Thanks.

      • Hi Ann. I have removed the photo – garnishes change frequently, so it is good to refer to our menu board prior to ordering to assure that you are getting what you want. Another option is to give us a call if you want to confirm the garnishes we are using that week. Thanks!

  5. Serard says:

    The Black Bean and Portobello Mushroom Burger was delicious! I appreciate that you offer a vegan choice. There aren’t many of us vegans around, but since our options are so limited we will flock to the places that offer an alternative. I was also impressed by your use of locally sourced food and biodegradable bags. 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are used globally each year and these little environmental nightmares aren’t going anywhere.

    • Serard – so true…too much waste in many different forms, but plastic bags and styrofoam boxes have to stop. There are many alternatives and we feel that it’s only right for us to use sustainable, degradeable, compostable packaging whenever and wherever we can. We also want to note that if you eat near the truck, always best to throw your garbage in our trash can. We use biodegradable bags so that any garbage doesn’t stay trapped inside a plastic bag, but will break down and decompose in a reasonable time frame. It’s our small part to make the planet a little better for all.

  6. Denise says:

    I was so excited to see your food truck parked on College Ave. on Saturday, I can’t wait to try your food. The menu looks delicious. See you soon :)

  7. I have been following your business (truck) and I can’t wait to try your food. I am very excited for you and your customers and I can’t wait to get a taste for myself!

  8. Ali says:

    Love, love, love what you’re doing. Appleton so needed you! I hope it inspires other creative minds to bring new things to our community!

  9. Beth says:

    Do you take credit or debit cards? Or cash only?

  10. Beth says:

    Your menu is go great. I love the differant burgers each week. It is so hard to decide what to get every thing sounds so good. Looking forward to lunch today. thanks.

  11. Kerri Tennie says:

    Love this place!!! I think I need to get the grilled cheese at the farmers market tomorrow :)

  12. Kelly Jansen says:

    I am a teacher at Kimberly High School and was wondering if you have ever parked at a school during inservice days???? I bet the world of education would love it!!!! Inservice starts Monday Aug 29th……?????

    • Thanks for the suggestion Kelly. I put this on our calendar and will keep it in mind when planning next week’s schedule. Looks like it might work for the August 31st. We’ll keep you posted.

  13. Steve M. says:

    I’ll be there Tuesday! 2 Royales with Cheese, please!

  14. Steve M. says:

    Say! Felafel Sandwiches with lots of Hummus or Tahini would be a GREAT add…!!!

  15. Steve M. says:

    BEST Burgers EVER!!!!! Thank you!!!

  16. Kate says:

    Is your full menu available at the Appleton Farmer’s Market on Saturdays?

    • Kate – we have a breakfast menu at the Farm Market. Typically a baked french toast with seasonal fruit topping and always a breakfast sandwich with your choice of artisan bread, egg, ham and white cheddar cheese. Thanks!

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  18. Steve M. says:

    I just had 2 of your Felafels…I am both stuffed and happy! The are better than ANY Felafel I’ve had since I lived In Israel! Heavenly!!!

  19. Jack Bigelow says:

    Grest seeing you today Jay, my Royle burger and fries were fantastic, Mary loved her chicken
    See you soon.
    Your web site will be on ours tommorw

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  21. Shoe says:

    Help! I don’t understand your schedule. Above states schedule for 9/10 – 16. Then directly below your week starts with Monday, but Monday wasn’t the 10th. Please help me break the code so that I may catch up to your truck! :-)

    • Sorry about the confusion on the dates. You can always give us a call if you are wanting to come by. Our phone number is 920-277-8173. If you aren’t able to follow us on Facebook or Twitter which we update daily with locations – that is the best way for you to find out where we are. I hope you are able to find us soon.

  22. Ian says:

    WOW! This website is leaving my head wanting to explode. Waaay too much content and pics!!! Trim it down, please? A simple menu and schedule is ample as well as a quick synopses of who you are and what you are about. Utilize Social Media for the stories and pics. The site should be your landing page from there.

  23. Geographically Challenged Ken says:

    Is there a way you could put a little, tiny, teenie-weenie (like 1″ x 1″) maps next to where you say you are going to be located just so peeps could get some cross-streets and be able to locate you easier? You are forcing me to think and learn where places are like Alexander Gym, Washington Square, Xavier, etc. Not everyone that loves your delicious food is an Appletonian, or a Fox Valleyite, you can probably tell I ain’t from around these parts…

  24. Beth says:

    OH, my gosh !! the menu sounds so great for this week. makes me hungry just ready it.

  25. Dave says:

    What happened with stopping at E south river st (West Business/Lawrence gym)?

  26. Rachael says:

    I had the KC pork hoagie today when you were in Oshkosh. Thank you so much for coming there! It was a fun experience ordering from the food truck and the sandwich was outstanding! Tasted a bite of that chocolate fruit oatmeal cookie too and it’s so good and wholesome. I can definitely tell you use quality, wholesome ingredients in your food. Keep up the fantastic work!

  27. John Schubbe says:

    First timer today… Really enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich, and quick service. Looking forward to chasing you around town.Really appreciate the locally grown and raised ingredients.keep up the great work. John

  28. cary polakowski says:

    Your food looks and sounds scrumptious! Do you have prices listed anywhere?

  29. Nicole Kellerman says:

    So very excited that you will be on Tri-Park Way tomorrow! I hope the blizzard doesn’t hinder business. I just sent out an email to my work friends, encouraging them to try you out tomorrow…with the hopes that you will continue to return;)

    Thanks for your amazing food and innovative idea!

  30. Carrie says:

    I had a delicious first Kangaroostaurant experience today! The white bean and pancetta soup was hearty and peppery.

  31. Jen says:

    Hi, just loved the burger I just tried, it was great. I am also wondering if you offer any gluten free options?

    • We have a lot of “made without gluten” options as well as Gluten Free Bread, rolls and occasional treats from Rustic Kitchens gluten free bakeshop in Oshkosh. If you are following a gluten free diet let us know and we will let you know what we have for the day!

  32. Lynda A says:

    Yay! Ur gonna be in Neenah when I’m home! See u Fri nite!!

  33. No matter how hot it gets this week – we will definitely have to try the grilled cheese! ;)

  34. Napoleon Hidalgo says:

    Today I have the opportunity to enjoy the mozzarella Capresse, sage Roasted pork belly and the excellent Lam burger at 1111 E. South River Road great Job

  35. John Cayo says:

    Hi Jay and Kellie could you come to Neenah sometime?

  36. Erick James says:

    Love you guys! Its getting to the point where I crave your menu. Like now. And your closed. LOL

  37. erick.gyrion@uwc.edu says:

    You guys need to get some Mushroom Brie soup on the menu!

  38. KARLA says:


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  41. jamievoster says:

    So glad you were at the Octoberfest Friday night car show this year (On the Ave)! a few of us where there for dinner– We had a great meal, cheese burgers, (black bean burger) white potato fries with cheese, and orange bottled soda! YUM- THANK YOU, it was wonderful.

  42. carrie thomas says:

    Love the menus and food choices, everything is so unique and yummy. One problem for me. My boyfriend is a vegetarian and the options for him are slim. Ever think about learning how to make seitan? You can do just about everything with it so it would be hard to find a recipe.

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  45. Kim Willison says:

    Hi my name is Kim Willison,
    I am looking for a breakfast lunch location for my daughter’s first communion April 21st. I would need space for at least 20 possibly 25. Do you have a room charge to reserve one of the private dining areas? Is this available for that date?
    Thanks! So excited for you guys! Love your new home! Good luck today!
    Kim Willison

  46. Matt says:


    Everything on the menu sounds delicious, especially the empanadas. Will definitely have to stop in and try.
    Would you possibly consider gelado?

  47. Paul says:

    You. Did Josh & Ashleys wedding. Want try it. All of a sudden I’m hearing all these great things about your food. I live 2 blocks from Jefferson School & South Park. Will you be there again next week?

    • We go to Oshkosh weekly. The location for lunch changes, but we are always at South Park for dinner ~ if you follow us on Facebook or check here we post the schedule weekly/daily ~ Glad you are hearing such good things!

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