Catering to Change

Life is Full of Lessons
My daughter Emma has often questioned why I turn everything into a life lesson. I say – why not? I have beat my head against the same wall enough times in my life to know it’s much easier if I pay attention and learn from what life is teaching me. So, often, I try to look for a deeper meaning in events, a reason why things might be happening or something the situation can teach me.

The Lovely and Elusive Miss Emma

Right now, the Kangaroostaurant is in a time of change. We are growing but not exactly the way we thought we would. Since we have made plans to open a Community Supported Restaurant, we have been reminded that life and plans don’t often work out the way we plan. Business is the same. For me, a plan is best used as a guide. So, here we are in a place of transition and growth and we are replanning and refocusing. While the ultimate goal of opening the KangaROOST remains the same, the path we take to get there looks different today than it did 3 months ago.

Oppurtunity Knocking?
We have identified a need in our community in the area of catering and party service. It was an aspect we considered when rolling out the K’Roo, but unaware the role it would play in our business. Over the past few months we have had the oppurtunity to cater several events of significance including a lunch at the Holewinski Farm – one of the lovely Red Barn Family Farms, sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board as well as weddings, rehearsal dinners, gift openings and other milestone events. Each of these has been a learning experience. The primary lesson is that we are really good at these events.  They are a ton of work, but the rewards are endless. To see the look on a bride’s face as she walks into a banquet hall for the first time after everything is set and the food is ready is a thrill even I can’t explain.

Lemon and Basil Cake prepared by Chef Mason ready to be served to 150 guests.

To be serving lunch next to the farmer caring for the cows producing the milk you serve daily is an honor and truly humbling experience that the whole team recognized as the highlight of our culinary life to date.

Lunch is Served

We continue to evolve and grow with the Kangaroostaurant and are going to work on building and developing the catering side of our business. Our passion, mission and focus remains the same for catering as it is with the truck. We will provide folks with locally sourced, freshly prepared food from a menu specifically designed to meet the needs of THEIR event. Menus and service style are tailored to each individual, knowing that everyone has the desire to serve their guests good food which has been prepared and served in a style that honors them.  We work with a wide range of budgets as well as special food needs. This is our life, and we consider it an honor to be a part of any life event and will put the energy, passion and love into each event we cater.

What’s The Lesson?
Change is inevitable. The only thing that you can predict is that. No matter how much planning, life will always provide a plan of it’s own. There are many ups, downs, twists and turns, but if you sit back and enjoy the ride it can be a lot of fun!
Enjoying the Giant Drop Ride at Six Flags
What’s Next for You?
Do you have a life event you are planning? Give us a call at 920-277-8173 or email us at We have a number of different options available for catering and party service. Our team is ready and excited to be a part of your day.

What’s Next for Us?
We have several exciting and fun things to tell you over the next few weeks. Once again, we are growing, and changing and evolving into more than we could have ever imagined and can’t wait to tell you. Not to be accused of “vagueblogging” I hesitate to say anything other than, we have an oppurtunity that will not only be a great new phase for us, but we will be participants in change and growth within our community, something we have always been committed to. Hang on and enjoy the ride!

See you on the streets!

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