Too Many Characters

Status Update
Many of you have have wondered how our search for a new home base location is progressing. It was so exciting to have found what we thought would be the perfect site for expanding our scope as well as the local food opportunities for many in our area. Unfortunately, the cost of renovating the building on Richmond Street (formerly Bella’s) was cost prohibitive and we were unable to secure financing in the time frame we were given. While it felt very bad at the time, we later found out that had we been approved for the loan we requested on that particular building, the cost of renovations would have been $40K more than anticipated. Apparently, this is common in business and fortunately, the bank we worked with had some insight into that.

Pressing On
The Girl Scouts of the Northwest Great Lakes continue to be excellent hosts and very patient with our hectic and sometimes chaotic schedule as well as our supplies being in the way and underfoot. We are deeply grateful for their hospitality and all the help they have given us this past month or so. 

This lovely creature and his herd greeted us a Bubolz/Girl Scouts one evening.

The accommodations however were never meant to be long-term ~ but rather a transition of sorts. So, we continue looking for a new location. We have several places that we have looked at … We have at this time narrowed it down to two options. For several reasons, we are going to wait a little longer to make any big announcements. One of them is the emotional rollercoaster involved…I am told this is how it is in business, deals are made and fall through everyday…I am also told I will get used to that. Well, that seems like something I don’t necessarily want to pass on to you. So, until we have a definite decision made, I am going to wait. We do have folks who have purchased shares as part of our CSR model. Many of them have allowed us to keep the money in a savings account which we have set aside for the CSR. At any time, if they wish to have their money returned, we do so, no questions asked. We completely understand and are all in this together. You, the community have supported us in so many ways along this journey and continue everyday to offer encouragement and suggestions, and your patronage. This summer has gone on with a bang! We sell out of many menu items regularly, have increased the amount of local produce, meats, cheeses, milk, bread and MUCH more! Not only is your support growing our business, but also the businesses we purchase from ~ This is what community growth is about.

In this picture are the K’Roo team members, The Homan Family, founders of Red Barn Dairy, and the Holewinski Family, one of the Red Barn Family Farms after a recent farm n fork luncheon.


THe Holewinski Family, they name each of their cows at birth..I am told that they have one named Kelly.

So, we feel that we are on track. We continue to pursue options for the Kangaroost, and are always open to any insight or suggestions. We are also still selling shares. As I mentioned the money is being kept in a savings account set aside for the start-up of the home base once it is found. We hope to have things up and running soon! There are so many wonderful things growing in our fields and gardens, and we want to give those farmers and processors looking to add value to their product a place to do so that is affordable and supports the growth of their business. In order to grow a strong and vibrant local food community we are working hard to create opportunities for growth for ALL of US in a way that is sustainable and realistic.
We are also still open to the opportunity to partner with other individuals or investors who support this type of growth. Financial times are not the greatest, but if you or you know of someone who may be interested in investing we are open to discussion about possibilities. Please give us a call or email us – 920-277-8173 or

I want to also address a little bit about the issues concerning food trucks and mobile vendors in Appleton. First and foremost, I want to say that we have received an overwhelming amount of support from many different folks associated with the City of Appleton. They have shown us what we need to know in order to be successful by way of ordinances and licensing. We have not been given any special treatment, we have worked very hard to be sure what we do is legal, safe and ethical.

The K’Roo at Houdini Plaza for Lunchtime Live…ain’t she purty???

That being said, many businesses have contacted a local alderman who felt it necessary to adopt even stricter codes around food trucks and mobile vendors. I understand the fear of a business when they see another business similar to there’s open. At which time, a good business, will up their game and become better – looking for new ways to serve their customer that set them apart from the other businesses. However, that is not the case here. Some of the restaurants operating in Downtown Appleton, fear that food trucks will put them out of business. So, rather than allowing the consumer decide where they want to spend their food dollars, they are trusting the City of Appleton to decide that. It seems so strange to me. I have not been involved much with politics in my life, but, I am now.  It is hard to listen to an elected official mock your industry (yes food trucks have there own NAICS code) as a on a local radio station and not be given the opportunity to speak up. (I was contacted by the radio station but however, recieved the email after the fact via our website) We are looking forward to the opportunity to have our voices heard at the Municipal Services Committee Meeting on Tuesday June 12th at 4pm. The meeting will take place at the Appleton City Hall. We could use as many outspoken advocates there as possible. If you have any questions, please give us a call – 920-277-8173. We don’t know much but we know we will be there.

Month of Sundaes
Have a fantastic Sundae. And don’t forget to join us for our Dairy Doing More Celebration ~ A Month of Sundaes ~ each Sunday we will be offering a made from scratch iced cream sundae using fresh local ingredients.

This is a picture of Oakridge Farms Strawberries in Neenah. We are using them in this week’s Sundae.

This Sundae June 9th is the start ~ and our first Sundae will be the Chocolate Covered Strawberry. Chef Mason’s Iced Cream topped with our house made Chocolate Sauce and Fresh Whipped Cream. We  will be a City Park today. See you there!

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5 Responses to Too Many Characters

  1. Evelyn says:

    Growing up and living in big cities, I always appreciate mobile food vendors. What makes your food truck unique than others is the variety of menu that you prepare for us each week. Checking out what’s on the menu is fun and my family always find something we like when we stop by. Wish you the best to find a permanent home soon!

  2. Nicole says:

    Glad to hear the update. You might want to look at the restaurant on Wisconsin Ave. that was most recently Rancho Azul. It has a visible parking spot for the Kangaroostaurant and, perhaps, a good amount of space for seating as well as a deli/small grocery area. I live in this part of town near Erb Park, and we are lacking in restaurant choices, other than a few family diner/breakfast spots. Wisconsin Avenue looks much better since the renovation and could use a little love.

    • Thanks Nicole. We LOVE Wisconsin Avenue ~ it certainly does look nice since all of the construction. A second look at the Rancho Azul Building may not be a bad idea.
      Have a great Monday :-)

  3. Teresa says:

    Have you approached Riverview Gardens?

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