Spring in Our Step

Color Makes a Comeback

The Crab Apple Trees in Full Bloom

The Appleton Public Library is surrounded by these beauties!

As you have noticed, things are starting to brighten up outside. Spring bulbs are in full bloom, flowering trees are blossoming, grass is greening, the Kangaroostaurant VIP Lounge and returned, (new and improved) and yes, fresh produce is making its way back to this region.
Over the next few weeks, we will be serving up lots of GREEN. Kale, spinach, ramps, and spring greens are headed our way in full force. We are looking forward to some new and fun ways to use these local and good greens. We have already recieved some Kale and mixed greens from Olden Produce and are looking forward to more Kale and Ramps coming today from Trusted Earth Farms. Both of these CSA Farms have a FEW shares still available. Be sure to check out their websites for more information regarding shares.

Popeye's Favorite

Organic Spinach from Trust Local Foods

Trust Local Foods, a local foods distributor, has also provided us with fresh Parsley from Good Grief Market Gardens as well as many of the fresh cheeses and grass fed meats we have been using lately. Their new website has lots information about buying local as well as access for you to many of the items we use on the Kangaroostaurant.
So, remember to look up and notice the color all around you. I was struck by the beauty of the trees at the Appleton Public Library last week. I hadn’t noticed all the blossoming trees before. It dawned on me that the trees had probably been there a while, I was just too busy to notice them. But, this year, I noticed them and they are stunning! In case you haven’t seen them, here’s another glimpse. As color returns outdoors, so will the color return to our menu ~ We’ve  made it through winter and SPRING is HERE!
See you on the Streets!

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