This Week

What are you making?

That’s a question I hear often in my house. Now, I can tell the world wide web what I am making too! This week was very fun for me as I was able to make some new items, and get ready for a couple of big events we are a part of this weekend.


Emma helped me make pocket pies on Monday. If you eat a pocket pie this week, it was made by Emma! She did a great job and seemed to have a little fun in the process. I am sure that the cup of iced Chai Tea from Jo to Go made it even better for her!

Pocket Pies


Tuesday we began serving our first burger featuring Venneford Country Meats Hamburger. It’s called the Dana because I learned to make it while helping the Taste of Home Culinary Demo in Oshkosh. Culinary Expert Dana Elliot. Dana was so much fun to work with, that I named this burger after her. It is a version of what I made in Oshkosh with just a few tweaks by…ME.


Wednesday was the Downtown Appleton Farm Market meeting. We learned that we will be on Oneida Street right along side Starbucks! Here is a picture of what we are serving –

 And here is what goes into them…Red Barn Heritage Weis Cheese, Renard’s European Bake Shop Honey Wheat Bread, Olden Produce Eggs, and if you wish, Venneford Country Meats Smoked Ham.

 While at the meeting on Wednesday, I was able to connect with Brian from Renard’s and get 37 loaves of Ciabatta to be used in the brunch we are working on to thank the Reverend Dottie Mathews for her ministry at the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and wish her well as she moves on to her new ministry at Goodwill Industries. We also had 10 dozen eggs delivered from Olden Produce for this event.

Dottie's Celebration at the Fellowship...


We prepared lots of yummy appetizers and desserts to bring to the Hang Up Gallery of Fine Art  in Neenah. Our artist friend Roxanne Klaver was holding an Artist’s Reception there.  I was going to take pictures of Emma and I preparing them, but was so busy and focused on what I was doing, I FORGOT!!! Can you imagine? I never forget to take food pictures. If you have a chance, stop by the Hang Up Gallery of Fine Art this month. Roxanne’s pieces will be on display all month.

And, now it’s Friday night. I am so happy to have had the week I have had. I am living my dream of serving really good food to really good people. I can go to sleep knowing that I am doing what I love and people are loving what I do.

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2 Responses to This Week

  1. Beth Schlaack says:

    When will the truck be in Oshkosh again ? We saw the truck last week, but wasn’t able to stop.

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