Our Suppliers

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Kelly saw first-hand what it was like to get eggs from the neighbor and milk from the farmer down the road. Those days are long gone, and small farms are slowly fading away to large grow operations, where little concern is given to the needs of the farmer, much less the animal. It’s about money, and lots of it for some, and not much for others.

We Support Local Farmers, Producers and Businesses

Kangaroostaurant has decided that we want to support the local farmers and growers and give them the opportunity to get their goods to a larger market. Most of the items we use can be purchased either at local grocers or farm markets. If you ever wonder where something is from, ASK!!! We are more than happy to tell you.  We are very proud of the relationships we have built and continue to build with the local agricultural community and hope that we can help keep our customers informed about the wonderful, delicious, sustainably and ethically produced items in our state.

Red Barn Family Farms – The best cared for cows produce the best milk and cheese. Red Barn Family Farms brand dairy products are based on that simple principle. “Red Barn” farms have been selected for this very reason – their “old-fashioned” commitment to cow care.

Red Barn farms have had their farms validated by the American Humane Association. You can trust that healthy cows will provide you with the wholesome, nutritious milk and cheese that you will soon grow to love as much as we do!

Olden Produce – Olden Produce is grown in a sustainable all natural/chemical free manner. Olden Produce also raises chickens in a natural, free from cages environment. Because of the produce operation, the chickens aren’t able to free range, however, they do have a large “pasture” in which their Koop is built and where they can roam around as they will. All eggs are hand gathered and hand washed.

Riverview Gardens – Kelly met the Garden Manager Oren at a Wisconsin Local Food Network Conference 2 years ago and we’ve enjoyed a partnership with this local non profit working to  fight the root causes of poverty, homelessness and unemployment in our community. Produce is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Inputs are limited to certified organic seeds, plants , organic potting soil, and compost. Using only USDA certified organic seeds ensures that our produce is 100% GMO-free.  The folks at Riverview Gardens have transformed a former golf course into a 125 Acre Urban Farm and Greenspace. Their produce can be purchased through CSA shares and at farm markets.

This is just a small sampling of the produce we've purchased from Riverview Gardens. Beautiful tomatoes, Dragon Tongue Beans and fennel picked and delivered to us at the truck!

This is just a small sampling of the produce we’ve purchased from Riverview Gardens. Beautiful tomatoes, Dragon Tongue Beans and fennel picked and delivered to us at the truck!

Jimmy J’s Razor Back Rib Sauce – we believe that this is the best Rib Sauce in the area and works well in a number of ways. We serve it on many of our sandwiches. You can find Jimmy himself at the Appleton Farm Market. The sauce is available at several area retailers including Woodmans.

Nami Moon Farms – As strong supporters of the local food movement, Nami Moon Farm believea in eating fresh, ethically raised food that is locally produced whenever possible. There chickens are raised cage free and allowed to pasture and eat at will.
They treat their birds well because they want happy chickens, and know that translates into a healthier, better-tasting bird for  customers. Farmers, inspectors, and established customers notice the difference. After tasting their products, you will too! The Kangaroostaurant purchases duck eggs, chicken breasts and chicken stock kits from Nami Moon Farms. Be sure to check them out at the indoor farm market in Downtown Appleton.

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  8. Kristin says:

    How about parking in the FVTC parking lot! We have no food service on Friday in the summer.

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  11. Steve Barney says:

    Perhaps you could get certified as a humane restaurant:

    Certified Humane® Restaurants


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